SCA/Flogging Molly this weekend!

New baron and baroness stepping up, so everybody’s on deck to help out with that. I get to make sure everything’s set up and so on and so forth. I also expect to be out there in the parking lot, at some point. Yay.

And after that: Sunday is Flogging Molly! I have a ticket. Hopefully, I won’t be so wiped that I can’t go, but we’ll see. The good news there is, it’s just off the Green Line in DC. Getting home should be straightforward.

Spent the evening working on site maps.

The event’s Saturday. We need to have a map of the site – where the official tents go, where the unofficial tents go, guide rope issues, that sort of thing – by Friday night, so that we can get the big tents up then and coordinate the smaller ones on Saturday. So I spent the evening scribbling away on the computer. Fortunately, the site is dead easy to draw.

It’s funny. Everywhere else, my ability to make maps on the fly was subject to at least mild respect and approval. I never had anybody gasp, but they were impressed. But in the SCA, it’s… expected, really. After all, we all learned it the same way: via D&D.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

…I’m mostly spending it in meetings and walk-throughs, myself, since a lot of stuff got scheduled for the next three days because it was easier that way. Admittedly, it’s meetings and walk-throughs for fun things. My SCA barony is doing its first in-person event in a year and a half, and we got only another week to go before it happens. So I gotta walk the site, see where the tents and list field will need to go, and make little maps. I figure if I do that, I can take it easy for the next event, which will be later this year.

So I guess it’s not so bad, after all. I’ve had better weeks, though.

Today is Newsletter Day!

As in, the day I send in the SCA Baronial newsletter. Not a bad task, just time-consuming. It also helps me keep track of what’s going on in the Barony, which is nice, because I sometimes have trouble paying attention to stuff. But there’s always last-minute things to do…

Moe Lane

PS: I dunno why I’m telling you this, either. Probably because I spent the morning making sure I didn’t miss anything.

SCA news: I/the baronial newsletter I put together won a Blackfox award!

Specifically, the Master William Blackfox Award for Best Special Issue. Master Blackfox is a legendary and beloved artist in the SCA, well-known for his sketches of SCAdians in their fursonas*. They do a memorial award every year honoring the various newsletters put out by the kingdoms and baronies, and this year my barony’s Drekkar got one for the special Pennsic issue I put out.

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Pennsic XLIX ‘postponed.’

Personally, I would have just retired the number and declared 2021’s Pennsic to be Pennsic L*. But the word has come down: this year’s War is getting delayed until next year. This will come as depressing, yet expected news to the SCA community, but what can you do? A two-week, ten thousand people camping trip would be like catnip to the coronavirus.

I’m not entirely sure that I’m going to get to go to another SCA event this year. Heck, I’m not sure when I’ll get to go an offline baronial meeting. It’s been that sort of situation.

Moe Lane

*Or perhaps not. I suspect that they’re listing it as ‘postponed’ instead of ‘canceled’ because of all of the pre-registrations: if the event is canceled, the money has to be returned. But if it’s delayed, most of the people who paid will simply shrug and say Just let the money roll over because they’d be going next year anyway. which is something I hadn’t considered.

Finally got the A&S issue done.

Arts and Sciences issue for my SCA barony, to be specific. I’ve had it hanging over my head for the last month and a half, which is really kind of funny because it was a completely self-imposed deadline. I don’t actually have to do one, but it’s a good idea to encourage A&S and when somebody says “Somebody should do something,” well: guess who’s somebody?

I will now enjoy the luxury of not actually having anything really due at the moment. For about three and a half hours or so.

SCA Event this weekend!

Gonna be away from the computer more or less all day tomorrow and probably a chunk of the day after that. My SCA barony is running Coronation, which means that it’s a working event for me: I figure that there’s going to be more jobs than hands, so I’ll be likely doing a bunch of different stuff Saturday and will need to help with the breakdown on Sunday, too. Should be fun, in that ‘pretending to be an adult’ sort of way.

Which reminds me: I need to find that stepladder. Better now than tomorrow morning.

Moe Lane

PS: Light posting, obviously.

Longer meeting than expected tonight.

No one delay that I can really put my finger on, but sometimes you have a forty minute SCA meeting and sometimes it’s an hour forty. Tonight, it was an hour forty. Ah, well, we had a lot of ground to clear before the event in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand; this officer thing really is good for helping me remember how to talk to adults. And remember their names! That was more of an issue at first than I liked.