#rsrh A look into the impact of Obama’s recovery-killing economic policy.

Let me summarize this Wonkblog post, mostly because the author* bent over backwards to avoid getting into the politics of it (sensible of her: it’s a pretty damning indictment of Obama):

Under Obama’s policies, the young (who want jobs) can’t find ’em; and the old (who shouldn’t need jobs) have to go looking for ’em.

But hey: let’s give the President four more years.  I mean, how dare we judge the man using the bourgeois, capitalistic, and possibly heteronormative-patriarchal-privileged ‘standard’ of ‘competence?’ Don’t people understand that the Left have issues to work out?

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

*I had started a Google search under ‘Suzy Khimm,’ on the off chance that I was maligning the author unfairly by assuming that she was a hardcore Lefty.  I stopped said Google search when I saw the phrase “was a reporter in the Washington bureau of Mother Jones.”

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