Scott Walker’s War on Wisconsin continues!

Does Scott Walker not understand that all that tax money belongs to the State?

The ($531 million) tax decreases — the third round of cuts by Republicans in less than a year — passed 17-15 with GOP Sen. Dale Schultz of Richland Center joining all Democrats in voting against the proposal. The proposal now goes to the Assembly, which passed a different version of the tax cuts last month with two Democrats joining all Republicans in supporting it.

With growing tax collections now expected to give the state a $1billion budget surplus in June 2015, Walker’s bill will cut property and income taxes for families and businesses, and zero out all income taxes for manufacturers in the state.



The RGA is wasting no time in the Wisconsin Governor’s race.

Conservative Intelligence Briefing reminds me that the RGA carpeted-bombed the Mary Burke campaign today:

Short version: 130K jobs lost, 3 billion shortfall under Burke and Governor Doyle, Burke’s family’s company outsourced jobs to the Chinese (it’s that last one that’s gonna hurt worst in Wisconsin). Welcome to the 2014 election cycle!  …Hope you don’t blanch at the sight of a good blood splatter.



Quote of the Day, This Is Only Surprising To Some edition.

I suppose that Peter Grier writes for a different audience than I do:

…some new ratings are out that we find pretty interesting. They’re from the “Crystal Ball” newsletter of the always quotable Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. He chops the Republican field into layers, and in his top tier Dr. Sabato puts New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (No. 3, and falling); Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky (No. 2, and rising); and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin (No. 1, and “huh”?).

…because I can safely assume that my audience knew all of this already.  Admittedly, we’ve been preparing them to consider the possibility for some time.

Via Hot Air Headlines. (more…)


Tweet of the Day, In Fairness The Democratic WI-GOV Candidate Has Enough Troubles Already edition.

Going up against The Honey Badger King* is hard enough as it is without having to add excess baggage:



Wisconsin Democrats forced to retract Scott Walker smears from website.

I remember when that particular state party was effective.  Or even competent.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin scrubbed its website Wednesday of accusations that Gov. Scott Walker was kicked out of Marquette University and student elections there.

The move was in response to a PolitiFact Wisconsin investigation that found no evidence Walker was forced out of either.

In the story published Wednesday, PolitiFact reported that Marquette, with Walker’s permission, released a letter that said he left voluntarily in spring 1990 and was in good standing each term. That means no conduct issues, academic or otherwise, blocked his registration.



If the 2016 primary comes down to Christie versus Walker, we will have done well.

There are other good combos, of course.

This observation by Allahpundit over the Christie/Walker dynamic in the primaries is worth noting:

One crucial thing that righties learned about [Scott] Walker during and after the Thunderdome in Madison over collective bargaining is that the guy simply will not bend on a policy he believes in, no matter how much acid the left spits at him and how far into the tank the media goes for Democrats in attacking him. He’s unflappable. That’s hugely significant when you’re thinking of throwing your vote to a guy who isn’t the most orthodox conservative in the field. The big worry about [Chris] Christie is that he’ll be wooed by media adulation of his charisma and his own rhetoric about the glories of compromise into governing even further from the center than people think. That’s less of a worry with Walker, the guy who became a right-wing rock star precisely because he wouldn’t compromise.



Dems tentatively annoint Mary Burke as sacrificial victim in ’14 Wisconsin governor’s race.

This is who they got?  Really?

Mary Burke, former Governor Jim Doyle’s economic development architect…

(interrupting) Wisconsin lost 133,000 jobs during Doyle’s last term. Even the left-leaning Politifact couldn’t get around that minor detail, though goodness knows that they tried.  And even the left-leaning Politifact can’t deny that Wisconsin has gained 62,000 jobs under Scott Walker’s first two years, although goodness knows that they tried there, too.



OTHER Tweet of the Day, @GovWalker Wants To Say ‘Hi’ To Union Leadership edition.

Oh, my. That is what we call beautiful.

To the accompaniment of many, many people screaming in impotent rage. Which is as it should be.

Moe Lane (crosspost)



Gov. Scott Walker (R) calls for pay raises for Wisconsin state employees.

Apparently the budget can handle it now. Makes sense, now that all those bloated union contracts are receding into unfond memory:

Most state workers would get a 1% pay raise in each of the next two fiscal years under a plan by Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

The general wage increase would be the first in four years for most rank-and-file employees and the first in five years for most managers, according to the administration.

The pay raise would cost more than $140 million over two years and apply to most state workers, including employees at University of Wisconsin System campuses. Employees making less than $15 an hour would see an additional increase of up to 25 cents an hour.

If you think that I’m laughing at this rather elegant in-your-face to Wisconsin progressives, you should read Ace of Spades HQ: they’re using the phrase “Pondering menacingly while relaxing upon his throne of skulls.” AoSHQ thinks that this is part and parcel of a general plan to build support for a hypothetical 2016 Presidential campaign; I personally want to get through the 2014 election cycle first, but it certainly won’t hurt Scott Walker if he’s demonstrating skill at turning states around.  Because God knows we’re going to need somebody to do that in 2016. (more…)


Wisconsin Democrats looking at “Anybody But ME!” for Governor race?

Democrats in Wisconsin want you to know: they’re going to be on the stick for 2014!

Wisconsin Democrats repeatedly made the argument at their state convention over the weekend that Governor Scott Walker needs to be defeated in 2014.

Hear that!  They’re tanned! Rested! And ready to go!

However, there continue to be few hints about exactly who will take on that challenge in the coming months.

…Oh.  Right.  One of them will have to actually volunteer to walk into the buzzsaw. (more…)


Quick poll of the readership: should Scott Walker run in ’16?

Go/no-go? There’s no denying that he’s got the advantage of demonstrating that he can take a punch from the Left and respond in kind (only harder).  Assuming Scott Walker wins next year: should he go for it?

Moe Lane


Former Wisconsin recall Lt-GOV candidate breaks with Left, Stands With Scott Walker.

Cle-ver, Governor Walker:

Mahlon Mitchell, the president of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Wisconsin, says he backs Gov. Scott Walker in his effort to end residency rules statewide.

The move comes less than a year after Mitchell ran unsuccessfully against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in an attempted recall of Walker and Kleefisch.

This is a good way to help splinter off the firefighters from the government drones.  Oh, yes, I’m sure that Mr. Mitchell will take the position that this is just a one-time, specific issue, no-precedent sort of thing.  He just wants to know what it’s like to be on the winning side in Wisconsin for once, you see.  And he’d like his fire fighters to know, too.

So, don’t worry your pre… your heads over this, ye Wisconsin progressives.  Everything’s still going your way.

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