Tweet of the Day, They Celebrate Earth Day In Style In Wisconsin edition.

Full points on this one.

Contra Mother Jones, though: I don’t think that Scott Walker deliberately set out to lay off those folks on Earth Day itself. Instead, I simply think that Scott Walker doesn’t give a flying leap about Earth Day one way, or the other. Which is, frankly, more entertaining.


Tweet of the Day, Right To Work Is Coming To Wisconsin.

While the article itself is rather good as a patient explanation as to why Right to Work is going to pass in Wisconsin and the electorate isn’t going to be bugged by that, this one bolded bit is simply not true.

When the left has exhausted every talking point and political strategy, it trots out uncles Charles and David Koch as a last gasp.

Hearing the word “Koch” from a Democrat means something he really doesn’t like is about to happen, and he is powerless to stop it. When it is invoked, there is likely a Republican and a bottle of champagne chilling nearby.

Most of the Republicans I know prefer bourbon or whiskey as celebratory drinks.  Me, I like a nice shot of tequila, or rum.  Probably because I’m an immigration squish, or something.


Mike Rowe, Scott Walker, Howard Dean, and the merits of pencils.

(H/T: AoSHQ) Mike Rowe comes across as not wanting to get involved in politics unless he absolutely has to be – a sensible notion – so I don’t mean anything scolding when I note that there’s a flaw in these last two paragraphs:

However – when Howard Dean called [Governor Scott Walker] “unknowledgeable,” he rolled out more than a stereotype. He rolled a pencil across the desk, and gave Scott Walker eight minutes to knock it out of the park.

It’ll be fun to see if he does.



Actually, it’s more like “Gail Collins (@nytimescollins) needs a competent editor.”

Shot: Gail Collins of the New York Times, referring to teacher layoffs in Wisconsin that included by-all-accounts excellent teacher Megan Sampson.

…those layoffs happened because Walker cut state aid to education.

Chaser: John McCormack of the Weekly Standard, noting the implied temporal paradox.

…the big error in Collins’s piece is her claim that “those layoffs happened because Walker cut state aid to education.” As you can see in the excerpt above, Collins is talking about teacher layoffs that occurred in 2010. Walker did not become governor until 2011.



Wow. @ed_kilgore & the Washington Monthly pretend that Scott Walker may not have gotten death threats.

Charming.  How utterly charming of Ed Kilgore: “Walker’s getting into a real groove in using the “death threats” he and his family supposedly received…” and you can just stop there.  You might as well: the rest of the article’s just a whine, anyway.  But isn’t it amazing how the Washington Monthly can hire a guy who is apparently deaf, dumb, blind, and incapable of using search engines?

In fact… here, Ed Kilgore and the Washington Monthly.  Let me Google that for you.

  • ““Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat” Twitchy, June 2012.
  • “Police to investigate Walker death threats” ABC-WISN, June 2012.
  • “Scott Walker Death Threats Being Investigated By Wisconsin Police” Huffington Post, August 2012.
  • “Records show death threats made to Scott Walker in last 2 years” Wisconsin State Journal, January 2013.
  • “Read the Chilling Note Sent to Gov. Scott Walker’s Wife” The Blaze, October 2013.

Now, I get that the Washington Monthly is a political stroke magazine for progressives.  That’s fine.  But even the sad fetishists that read it are still actual human beings; they have their dignity and they have their pride, however meager it might be.  I would scorn to lie to those people that baldly, and I don’t like them. That the Washington Monthly’s own pundits are so ready to tell the Washington Monthly’s readership the thing which is not says something extremely sad about the state of the Left these days.

I’m sorry, let me be clearer for the lurkers: This. Actually. Happened. I’d be sorry about that being inconvenient for people, except it’s not actually my fault.

Via Memeorandum.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You may safely assume that I know that most of these threats are, by their nature, unlikely to result in a violent attack. Trust me: I’ve gotten enough of my own to know that.  But what you may not assume is that getting a low-likelihood threat is somehow equivalent to getting no threats at all.


Gov. Scott Walker (R, Wisconsin) and the Washington Post’s institutional bias.

You’ve no doubt already heard that Scott Walker is, yea, indeed, running for President – with a hundred ‘Throne of Skulls’ jokes already blossoming on Twitter – but I don’t want to hit that.  I want to hit a problem that I have with the Washington Post’s reporting on the subject.  This passage, in particular:

[Scott Walker’s] decision to take on public employee unions in Wisconsin in early 2009 created huge protests around the state Capitol building in Madison and left the state deeply polarized around his leadership…. That anger resulted in a recall election in 2012, which Walker survived. He went on to win his reelection campaign last November by a comfortable margin, and his three victories in four years have made him a hero among many conservatives.



Scott Walker at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

If you’re looking for the Scott Walker speech, here you go*.  Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I skipped it at first myself. But reports came in that he was kicking it, and… yeah, Scott Walker did. A lot of emotion under control, there. Can’t say that I’m surprised about either: in retrospect, the Left may have miscalculated in allowing its pro-death-threat wing to drive anti-Walker sentiment in the Wisconsin recall and re-elections. You want to get a man focused and driven? Threaten to murder his wife. (more…)


Courtier from Baronness Hog-gelder joins the court of the Duke of Skull Throne.

Come on, you have to admit: it sounds better than “The team that is building Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s political organization for a possible presidential campaign has brought on a GOP strategist with Iowa ties: David Polyansky.” As the Des Moines Register notes, Polyansky was one of Senator Joni Ernst’s key advisers during her successful campaign last year: he was also involved in getting Mike Huckabee to win the Iowa caucuses in 2008 and Michele Bachmann to win the Ames Straw poll in 2012.  True, neither Huckabee nor Bachmann went on to win the nomination: then again, neither Huckabee nor Bachmann are Scott Walker. Besides, this is clearly about Iowa.  Presumably the Duke of Skull Throne will be seeking suitable courtiers for the other primary states…

Via RCP.


Just had the Chromebook eat a post on the crazy people who hate Scott Walker.

Short version: they are, indeed, crazy.



Um. Well. Yes, of course Scott Walker is going to run for President.

This is news?

In a 35-minute speech here at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, the governor mentioned the name of his home state no fewer than two dozen times—and referenced “our state” or “my state” on at least 30 other occasions.

It all fed into the contrast Walker is eager to strike. While President Obama’s Washington, Walker says, is spending big, expanding the federal bureaucracy, and taking a “top-down” attitude to governance, Wisconsin has cut costs, shrunk the size of government, and adopted a “bottom-up” approach.

Walker’s speech left little doubt that he will run for president in 2016.

This is apparently news. I knew that Scott Walker was going to run for President just as soon as the Presidential election was called in 2012: the combination of Walker’s recall win and Mitt Romney’s loss made it pretty much inevitable. And yes, I knew since about mid-2013 that Walker was going to win re-election in 2014, too.  I never quite understood why other people seemed to be more uncertain about that, but then again I usually am quite ridiculously optimistic about things…


And So It Begins, Scott Walker edition.

Welcome to the 2016 election cycle.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will launch a new political organization in the coming weeks and has tapped a national political strategist to serve as his campaign manager should he decide to run for president, multiple GOP sources told CNN.

Walker, who was sworn in to a second term in Madison this week, quietly brought on Rick Wiley, a former Republican National Committee political director and veteran of multiple presidential campaigns, about a month ago to build a political operation in advance of the 2016 race, the sources said.

Yeah, Walker’s running.


The Left did absolutely nothing to stop Scott Walker’s re-election. They didn’t even slow him down.

Throne. Of. Skulls.

Permit me this little amusement.  All bolding mine.

  • The Daily Beast, August 25, 2014 (“The Tea Party Governor Backlash of 2014″): “Wisconsin’s Scott Waker is frequently talked up by RNC types as a leading 2016 contender, but he’s fighting for his political life at home, beset by a tsunami of scandals and running neck and neck with Mary Burke. Walker’s most-favored Midwestern governor status in D.C. is in trouble despite a misguided arrogance born of his surviving a recall attempt. His efforts to rein in the public sector unions have been successful, but his style and tone—and did I mention scandals—could make him an unexpected loser on Election Night.”
  • NPR, October 28, 2014 (“In Wisconsin Election, Gov. Scott Walker Fights To Hold On”): “[Craig] GILBERT: Well, you know, one thing that we’ve seen in all the public polling is that, as divided as the state was in the middle of that kind of raucous recall fight, it’s even more divided now. It has not got – there hasn’t been a lot of healing in Wisconsin. And Governor Walker hasn’t really added to his coalition, politically, since those elections. And if you think about 2010 being a really conservative wave election, and you think about 2012 – winning a recall where some voters, you know, had reservations about Governor Walker but didn’t like the recall process – you can sort of see how this election really ought to be closer than those two elections and is.”
  • Politico, October 29, 2014 (“Scott Walker limps toward 2016″): “The politician who confidently lectured Mitt Romney in 2012 (“He has to say that I’m a reformer like Scott Walker,” Walker told The Weekly Standard) has tumbled into yet another fight for his political life. Far from a conservative Clark Kent, Walker is visibly straining in the closing days of his race against Mary Burke, a wealthy former Trek Bicycle executive and member of the Madison School Board.”
  • The New Republic,  October 28, 2014 (“Scott Walker Is Scared He Might Lose—and He’s Already Blaming His Fellow Republicans”): “The polls are generally not trending well for Democrats in the final days before the 2014 midterms, but it’s increasingly looking not inconceivable that the party’s loss of the Senate could be accompanied by a loss for one of the party’s biggest bête noires: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. If polls showing him effectively tied with former Trek Bicycle executive Mary Burke weren’t enough, Walker has been giving off the distinct vibe of a man in a bit of a panic.”
  • Salon, October 30, 2014: (“5 Tea Partyers who could lose reelection next week”) “Walker was never going to glide to reelection in a state that in 2012 elected progressive Democrat Tammy Baldwin, the nation’s first openly gay U.S. senator.”
  • Slate, November 3, 2014 (“The Most Important Race in America”): “On a portable stage in the parking lot of a strip mall in front of the Eau Claire GOP field office, sandwiched between a Curves and an Office Products Co. store, Gov. Scott Walker is keeping his chin up. After the beating he’s taken, that’s no small feat. Walker, Wisconsin’s incumbent Republican governor, is in a tough statewide contest for the third time in four years, and this one is much closer than it was supposed to be.”
  • ThinkProgress, November 4, 2014 (“A Pro-Environment Candidate Could Kick Scott Walker Out Of Office Tonight”): “With the final polls showing an extremely close race between incumbent Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and challenger Mary Burke (D), an influx of last-minute donations and high-profile supporters indicate the importance of the race on a national scale.”
  • Wonkette, October 25, 2014* (“Scott Walker Gets Some Chris Christie All Over Him, On Purpose”): “With a little over a week to go before Election Day, Scott Walker is increasingly a man in need of a helping hand.”


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