Tweet of the Day, Well I’m Glad That THIS Clears It All Up edition.

I’m sorry for so many posts on a Scottish referendum vote that doesn’t actually have any authority to it unless Her Majesty’s Government abides by the results, but this is, as people note, peak CNN:

That has got to be the single most useless graphic that I have seen all day. Usually even when there’s an error you can at least make a guess at what it was trying to say; but not here! Oh, my, no.

Via Ed Driscoll.

I wish to associate myself with the remarks of the gentleman from AoSHQ…

…because, hey, let’s face it: it’s really all about me, huh?

I have a really terrible reason for supporting a Yes vote (though I strongly suspect No will prevail):

Because there’s nothing good on TV and I want something interesting to watch.

Although I have noted that some – I repeat: some – of the people pushing a Yes vote will cook off amazingly if No prevails.

Quote of the Day, Arguing With A Scot Is Not Like Arguing With A Mule… edition.

…because the mule is more likely to eventually concede the point.

Niall Ferguson, after explaining why Scottish independence will probably be (economically speaking) a poor life choice for Scotland*, wondered why the Scots seem to be thinking about doing it anyway. He wondered briefly; because the answer is, of course, that they’re Scots**:

Telling a Scot, “You can’t do this — if you do, terrible things will happen to you,” has been a losing negotiating strategy since time immemorial. If you went into a Glasgow pub tonight and said to the average Glaswegian, “If you down that beer, you’ll get your head kicked in,” he would react by draining his glass to the dregs and telling the barman, “Same again.”

Mind you, I’m Irish. We’ll do any damfool thing you want if there’s beer in it and maybe a band playing.

Moe Lane

*Short version: the EU doesn’t want them on the Euro and England won’t let them stay on the pound.

**My father’s mother was a MacMillan. Be grateful that I don’t use that excuse to (as Kim Newman once snarked in passing about people in my situation) dress in a kilt, quote Robbie Burns, and embrace every crass Scottish stereotype that there is.