‘…but more importantly for the common good.’

The above is from Governor Pat Quinn (Democrat, although it’s fairly obvious from the quote) of Illinois; and it tells you everything that you need to know about Quinn’s mindset – not to mention the mindset of the Democratic party in general, too.

Here’s the background: the Sears Corporation has its headquarters in Illinois, and has been bribed offered incentives to stay in Illinois, despite the fact that Illinois itself is a rotten place to do business.ย  However, the bribes incentives run out in 2012, so the corporation is making sounds about moving somewhere else unless some new bribes incentives are offered.ย  You may safely guess from the previous sentences that I am not particularly interested in making Sears out to be the plucky little underdog in this conflict; it is in fact in an excellent position to get its bribes incentives, because Quinn doesn’t want to be the Governor Who Lost Sears To Texas.ย  And everybody knows it. (more…)

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