“Sex poodle gets off.”

That was the first comment to this Hot Air story about the Portland DA not filing sexual assault charges against Al Gore after all, and damned if it isn’t letter-perfect.  I see no reason why I should try to come up with something that would be, at best, marginally better than that.  It’s like Paranormal Activity: when the test version that you put together for 15 grand causes your audience to react like it’s a 200 million dollar flick, you don’t waste time; you slap some credits on the front and the back and you call it a day.

Moe Lane

PS: He doesn’t get his reputation back.  Yes, it’s quite tragic.  Moving along, Mass Effect 2: do I want this game?  I’ve been resistant. More accurately, my wife has been resistant on my behalf.

#rsrh Crazed Sex Poodle Does San Diego!

[UPDATE]: I see I’m not the only one who picked this new nickname for Al.

And my, but how the media hungry have fallen.  The newspaper calls this speech to a crowd of HR people a ‘rare public appearance’ for the C.S.P.:

Little has been seen of Gore in the past several weeks since confirmed reports of a split with his wife, Tipper, and after allegations surfaced that a 54-year-old masseuse in Oregon reported Gore made unwanted sexual advances toward her in 2006 and accused him of being “a crazed sex poodle.

While 10News cameras were ushered out of the Convention Center by members of Gore’s camp prior to his speech

Bolding mine (and as soon as I remember where I saw this first, I’ll H/T it).  Used to be that the most dangerous place in the world to be was to be between the Cubslayer and a video camera.  But one report of begging to have one’s second chakra released, and all of a sudden Al Gore’s imitating Howard Hughes… yeah, I know:  “All of a sudden?”  I mean to say, he’s more public about it now, if you’ll pardon the irony.  Or is that sarcasm?

Moe Lane.