QotD, The Hill Tells A Fib edition.

Really?  REALLY?

 Few could have foreseen this White House struggling so much after Obama’s convincing 332-206 electoral vote victory over Mitt Romney last November.

Well. I guess that I’m one of the few, then.


…that’s why I am not as worried about Obama’s second term as some; I’ve seen his first term, you see.  The major difference between that one and this one is that his own party had a vested interest in playing nice with the man running for re-election; but now that it’s clear that Barack Obama does not like other people very much, has no interest in stumping for his own side’s candidate, and simply does not like to exert any effort beyond the bare minimum: well.  He wants to play aloof, then Harry Reid will happily become the most important Democrat in Washington DC by default.

Seriously, it didn’t take much in the way of precognition to realize that Barack Obama was going to flounder, once the main reason why the White House got up in the morning went away.  I guess the Hill should read me more often…

Moe Lane



As the president accepts the resignations of some of his top lieutenants in the Cabinet, the White House and especially the Office of Presidential Personnel will expend tremendous effort in finding qualified, suitable successors. Surely, the president and his staff have prepared for the current process for months.



Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane