HARD CLEFT (Unofficial Legends of The Secret World #5) available for pre-order.

Just in time for Halloween (October 29). No word whether Blodwedd will have to retroactively rewrite all the bits with the weapons, going forward. (This is a Secret World Legends joke. A bad one, so don’t worry if it’s not funny).

This @SecretWorldLgds contest looks like fun.

I did the Agent one, not the Screenshot one. The Agent is more in my wheelhouse; and, frankly, if Secret World Legends doesn’t want him I’m doing a full write-up of the dude because I think that he’s hysterical. And inevitable, in a Laurence of Arabia way.

Yay (on balance)! Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow.

The bad news: everybody has a screwed-up schedule for the next week or so, or possibly six months (some people just can’t handle the circadian shift). The good news: this makes it easier to sync up lair raids in my MMO (Secret World Legends). The AUS/NZ folks will be ending their DST in April, so starting tomorrow the USA morning players will be interacting with the Aussie and Kiwi nighttime players an hour earlier from the latter’s point of view. It gets more pronounced (and convenient) when the EUR players activate their own DST at the end of the month, allowing for a sweet spot for morning USA / early afternoon EUR / prime time evening AUS/NZ play.

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Group Scenarios coming back to Secret World Legends.

Well, we never had them in Secret World Legends. Just The Secret World. Which is sort of like SWL, and sort of not.


Group scenarios are a lot more fun then duo scenarios, in my opinion. I look forward to running some more often.