It’s Christmastime at @SecretWorldLgds!

And my God but the Investigation mission that they dropped.  This was one of those where you had to download a substitution cipher app to read the clues — read all the clues, friend — to figure out the passwords to advance the mission and then… well, no spoilers.  Secret World Legends prides itself on making cheerfully insanely difficult Investigation missions, and this one certainly qualified.  Lots of fun; it took me two hours to figure out how the cipher alphabet worked.

No, that wasn’t sarcasm.  Although it might have been if I had given up.  But I wasn’t going to, so winning was fun.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Krampusnacht…

Looks like nothing new on Secret World Legends before the Christmas event:

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Tweet of the Day, This Was My Morning edition.

They thought it was funny to not put a helpful “JUMP HERE” sign…

…for the latest Secret World Legends content.  Managed to miss the podium and instead jump into the abyss something like seven times.  Admittedly, it was funny.

Bonus poem at Patreon.

It was for the Secret World Legends poetry contest, which is why it may seem a bit obscure.  Still, I rather liked writing it.  PDF at the public Patreon.

Have you embraced and chased the Broadcast’s Lord?
A hiss of static truth, Presenting lore
Profoundly hid in math’s relentless chord,
Placed close to deaths; which warns what is in store.
You’ll search in graves, walk with the restless dead
Half-trapped between this clumsy world and next;
And when their numbers burn inside your head
Look then to get a sane man’s frantic text.
Long trip you’ll make, to vampire-haunted lands.
On Gaia’s quest you’ll be, to put down ghosts
Who picked unholy halls to make their stands;
Excise them all, confront their tattered host.
Extend this Age’s grasp, and end His reign.
No dead may rule. Not even at Samhain.

New missions (South Africa, Factions) coming for Secret World Legends.

Looks promising: another mission in South Africa — but, more importantly, the faction-specific missions are coming back.  It looks like they’re going to be repeatable, and will scale up based on level; that’s kind of nice.  My character one-shotted Cthulhu the other day, and it was kind of embarrassing.

Actually, now that I think about it the whole thing was a lot like this scene: Continue reading New missions (South Africa, Factions) coming for Secret World Legends.