Seed cakes!

Did three at a time, this time.

Two of them are for the baronial meeting / Christmas party tomorrow; I made the third because the smell will drive my wife mad if it’s in the air there when she gets home this afternoon and there are no cakes for her to sample.  If I have a self-criticism, it’s that I may have skimped a little on the poppy seeds*.  Of course, the batter tasted fine, so maybe I’m worrying about nothing.

Moe Lane

*Recipe here.  Only, I went back to using poppy seeds and orange zest.  Don’t get me wrong: it’s delicious with caraway and lemon, but I just like it better this way.

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Gonna bake this weekend.

Baronial populace meeting is a holiday party and a cookie contest this month.  I’ll let my wife make the cookies (she does pizzelles up a treat); what I’m going to do is some seed cakes.  I cannot conceive of a SCA gathering that will turn its collective nose up at Tolkienesque seed cakes.  I simply cannot.

Note: for this particular recipe I am going back to using orange zest and poppy seeds; I’ve done it up both ways, and I like it better without caraway.  Caraway seed cake is not bad, mind you.  It’s just not what I want in a seed cake.  Although I do admit that the shire had neither poppy fields, nor orange groves.  Be interesting if it did, no?

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Behold! @dduane’s Seed Cake…inator!

[UPDATE: It tastes fine, but next time I’m making it with poppy seeds. Caraway seeds don’t taste bad, but when they show up in American dishes it’s for savory foods, not sweet ones.]

Sorry.  Phineas and Ferb are back on the kids’ rotation.  Anyway, isn’t this nice-looking?


No idea how it tastes, yet – I’m not going to try a Hobbit-style seed cake from a recipe adapted by Diane Duane without my wife being present – but it baked up easily enough. If I have a concern, it’s the caraway seeds. Apparently there is a great debate on how many caraway seeds should be put into one of these, and this was one recipe where I followed the directions for making and cooking pretty much to the letter.  And the letters said ‘lots of caraway seeds.’

Guess we’ll see!

Moe Lane

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