Creature Seed: Specimen HER-10292020-DRK.

Specimen HER-10292020-DRK

Description: roughly humanoid. 6 feet 4 inches, three fingers and a thumb on both hands and feet (fully prehensile), 275 lbs. The flesh is a substance with a 97% congruence to chocolate, with cherry-flavored cola for blood, licorice for hair, and razor-sharp candy corn for teeth and claws. When encountered, Specimen HER-10292020-DRK was wearing a steel-reinforced leather tunic, shirt, and boots, and carrying a leather satchel that contained various instruments and a supply of dried meat: tests indicated that both the meat and the leather were of human origin. Due to the unique nature of the corpse, it is recommended that the Specimen be kept frozen.

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Location Seed: PanAm DC-8 [X] Waynesville Anomaly.

PanAm DC-8 [X] Waynesville Anomaly

Good afternoon! At 5:23 Eastern time an unknown aircraft appeared over the airspace of Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport in Missouri, then made an emergency landing. Air traffic reported that the aircraft ‘just [expletive deleted] appeared out of nowhere’ and ‘went for the runway like a bat out of Hell.’ The airport had enough time to clear the runway and assemble a fire crew, which was fortunately not required: the aircraft came close to crashing, but managed to stop safely. No radio messages were received or acknowledged during the crash landing.

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Creature Seed: Speebras.


Description: take a standard Grevy’s zebra, and make its stripes horizontal instead of vertical. Its legs and head are noticeably more muscular and bony than a regular zebra’s, too. Do not approach a speebra without protective gear.

Top speed: 95 mph burst, 40 mph cruising.

It is unclear why there is such a specific and sudden mutation among the wild Grevy’s zebra population. Possibly it’s because they’re endangered: evolution sometimes moves in mysterious ways. Mother Nature might have simply decided that more than doubling the speebra’s speed might help more of them survive to breed.

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Group Seed: Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER).

Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER)

Logo: A snarling badger, one paw raised as if to strike. The badger wears a generic jumpsuit and a tactical earpiece/HUD display.

…They came up with the name and the logo first, then found a backwards acronym generator afterward. And, yes: even supervillain companies use those. Ain’t computer technology grand? 

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