#rsrh Has the Communist Party of China lost the Mandate of Heaven?

Yes, I’m only asking this to f*ck with the ChiComs.

China’s censors blocked access to the term “Shanghai stock market” on popular microblogs on Monday after the index fell a bizarre 64.89 points on the anniversary of the bloody June 4, 1989, crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

In another twist, the Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2346.98 points on the 23rd anniversary of the killings. The numbers 46.98 are June 4, 1989, backwards.

Now ask me why I should care if the ChiComs get upset about me f*cking with them.

Moe Lane

#rsrh QotD, Time To Divorce Abortion From Feminism, Leftists edition.

(Via @sissywillis) Fay Voshell, on how apparently the pro-choice movement is increasingly becoming comfortable with the (imported) practice of… sex-selective abortion, which in practice means ‘aborting female babies because they have less perceived worth than male ones:’

Feminists have embraced an ideological construct which declares loudly and clearly that any woman can decide that her unborn little girl is worth less than a little boy.  They have gone along with the worst of third-world ethics, declaring female feticide a “choice” they can live with.

This issue has been of some concern to the pro-life community; as the links show, legislation to declare abortions based on race or gender issues as being violations of the Civil Rights Act has been introduced in the House.  Judging from the rather hysterical (using “the frothing reaction” metric: there’s nothing funny about opposing the killing of Asian babies simply because they’re female) reaction from various suspects, it’s unlikely to make it through the Senate this go-round.  Just one more thing for the ‘personally pro-life’ Democratic Senators out there to not take personally…

Moe Lane