Oh, nice: @shaenongarrity scores a book deal.

Shaenon, of course, did the cover for my first novel FROZEN RAIN — and will be doing the second Tom Vargas cover, once I’m ready to rev TINSEL RAIN up to speed. I’m glad she’s found something to keep her busy until then:

Karen Wojtyla at McElderry Books has bought world rights to Steam by The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor author Shaenon K. Garrity (l.), illustrated by Emily Holden. The YA graphic novel follows the adventures of Ruby, a “hypercognitive humanoid” designed to solve science’s greatest problems, who escapes from a university lab and finds a job as a barista in a kooky coffee shop, where she finds plenty of problems to solve.


THE DIRE DAYS OF WILLOWEEP MANOR is a graphic novel written by Shaenon Garrity (artist Christopher Baldwin), and it should provide a certain amusement to those who hold an appreciation for the Gothic genre. I like Shaenon, obviously (she did my first novel cover), but I’d like this even if I didn’t know her. Assuming that it had come across my radar, obviously; so huzzah for interacting with other people, hey?

:GULP: Um. Yes. Buy Skin Horse and/or Narbonic books.

Shaenon Garrity demands it.


Seriously, folks.  You don’t want to mess with Shaenon under these circumstances, right now.  I went and got the complete Narbonic run for my wife, just to be on the safe side. You learn to detect the subtle warning signs… Continue reading :GULP: Um. Yes. Buy Skin Horse and/or Narbonic books.

An interesting new board game from @shaenongarrity that @SJGames should look at,

It’s called “Basement Dwellers,” it’s based on her Skin Horse webcomic* and if I had the time** I’d give it a whirl.  More to the point: on first glance, maybe so should a gaming company.

Moe Lane

*Now in… oh, don’t let me spoil the surprise.

**I could probably find the players.

This X-Files album is… very 1990s.

Which is not supposed to be shocking –  Songs In The Key Of X: Music From And Inspired By The X-Files was made in 1996 – but it still is.  I mean, I must have listened to stuff like this, back then.  I just don’t remember doing that.

I mean, it’s not bad.  I’m glad that Shaenon Garrity recommended it on her X-Files recap comic Monster of the Week.  But it’s of its time; hoo, yeah.