#rsrh Harry Reid has a problem.

His problem is that passages like this:

Someone got up and announced that Sharron Angle would speak next, because she had a plane to catch. Angle is a small woman, a sixty-one-year-old grandmother with a broad, open face, a toothy smile, and red hair worn in a pageboy. She has a friendly manner and a firm handshake, along with a set of basic political skills that Harry Reid lacks. These include the ability to chat pleasantly for a minute or two and then tactfully extract herself, and to say what she stands for quickly, with real passion but usually without seeming odd or threatening.

…and this…

Although [Harry Reid] first ran for office at the age of twenty-eight and he is now seventy, he is still strikingly bad at the public part of his job. His voice is soft, with little resonance. When he’s talking to someone, he has a habit of looking down instead of into the person’s eyes. His gestures on a podium are awkward hand chops.

…and this:

Two years ago, Reid published an autobiography, “The Good Fight,” written with the assistance of Mark Warren, of Esquire. Like the autobiographies of Reid’s Republican colleague John McCain, it was meant to “humanize” (as they say in politics) a top-ranking official who had a reputation for being hard to love. But what shines through is Reid’s lack of the natural gregariousness and geniality that most people associate with the political personality.

…are showing up in what are supposed to be puff pieces about him. (more…)


Reid: Gillibrand ‘hottest’ Senator.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) If you were wondering whether or not current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) is snapping under the strain of facing Sharron Angle, well, stop wondering.  If he was not snapping, Reid almost certainly would not have made such a strong contrast between Chuckie Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand at a recent NYC fundraiser thrown for Reid by Mayor Bloomberg.  To sum up the difference in the tenor of Reid’s remarks (subtext added):

  • Schumer: Chuckie Schumer is so smart and so good at politics!  He was great as DSCC  Chair, too – unlike that idiot we have now who can’t even get rid of one single, troublesome, inconvenient woman
  • Gillibrand: …she’s HOT!  …And, oh, yeah, she knows something about securities law.



Sharron says, “Apologize to Petraeus.”

I stole this line from Jim Geraghty, because it’s the perfect way to visualize this latest ad from the Sharron Angle campaign. In this one, Harry Reid is reminded that lying about how you treat our military personnel is a bad idea, and that he should apologize for it:

Isn’t it nice to have a grown-up around who has some small hope of making Harry Reid behave like one?

Moe Lane (more…)


Reid’s new Angle on 9/11 mosque.

Sharron Angle went off on Harry Reid on the subject of the Ground Zero Mosque this morning – she takes the position that while people have the right to build a mosque there, they should show some delicacy of their own and build it somewhere else – and Greg Sargent was practically licking his chops in response. He was of the opinion that making opposition to the President’s position – once we figure it out – a midterm issue would be a bad idea for Republicans, and he leaped on Angle’s opposition:

Angle’s position, apparently, is that the group has the right to build the center but Obama is wrong to have voiced support for that right. After all, he didn’t directly endorse the project anywhere, nor should he have. I would like to hear Reid break his silence on the issue, though.

I’m guessing that Sargent reconsidered that wish, once Reid actually spoke out… and took the position that while people have the right to build a mosque there, they should show some delicacy of their own and build it somewhere else. Which is not surprising: the mosque is extremely unpopular, to the point where it’s even less so than, well, Harry Reid. So much so that Reid’s reflexive adoption of his opponent’s position (no matter how matter it makes knee-jerk liberals pound their heads against the wall) was preferable than taking a contrary stand. (more…)

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