In Nomine Revisited: Aballem, Shedite Prince of Madness.

Aballem – Google Docs

Found this old one of mine in the SJG forums.  Polished it up a bit.

Shedite Prince of Madness

The world is whatever you want it to be.

They say that Aballem is an urban myth, a Lie, a fable told to demonlings in order to make them behave. They say that claiming to believe in Aballem is just an excuse for one’s own shortcomings and failures of Will. They say that the supposed existence of Aballem is just a convenient justification for your superiors to oppress, and your inferiors to disappoint, you. They, in fact, say everything except Aballem is real, functional, and holds its own sort of power.

They say all these things rather loudly, and with a certain amount of bravado. (more…)

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