Still trying to find an artist for the short story book cover.

It’s proving oddly difficult to find one. Suggestions welcome; I was thinking of a webcomic artist, but I’ll consider other sorts if I like their artistic style. And can afford it, for that matter. I’m offering a decent rate for it but not rock-star prices.

Short story and gaming material up at Patreon!

Only a dollar a month!  I’m practically giving this away.  I mean, I could have cut Frozen Out In Cin City out short at only 3K words and fulfilled my obligations, and it went to 5K because the story required it.  The latest installment of Shoppers for the Ghoul-Lords could have also been hacked back, but I didn’t, because I respect my patrons.  And if you sign up for my Patreon, then I’ll show you that same respect.