Forbidden Tome: Shosple Colupis.

Shosple Colupis

Description:  18th century (best guess: 1730 AD) printed book, bound in yellow leather.  128 printed pages, plus 8 illustrations in the center. Each illustrated page has a slight cut at the top, as if an attempt was made to remove them with a razor.  The book’s title page and introduction is in French; the main text itself is in Catalan. All printer’s information was removed via scorching. The total number of books in the first (and presumably only) printing is unknown.

Value: There are several chants and prayers that give significant short-term protection against sanity-wrecking magical workings; the illustrations show diagrams and patterns that do the same thing, more permanently.  The only catch is that the person using the chants and diagrams must be able to read and speak Catalan fluently. The older the dialect, the better.


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