My @DeltaGreen Shotgun Scenario “Operation HAMSTER DIAMOND.”


Alas, it did not win the Delta Green 2016 Shotgun Scenario contest.  Heck, it didn’t even get a vote (I was competing, so I didn’t think that it was appropriate that I vote for mine).  There was a missing sentence at the end and I needed to tighten it up a bit here and there before putting it up now, so that’s fair.

Still, I think that it’s a workable Delta Green scenario, so here you go. Also, check out the entries in that link! Sure, they didn’t recognize my greatness: but there are certainly enough adventures there to fill a campaign…

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Voting is now open on the Delta Green Fairfield Project Shotgun Scenarios contest.

Details found here and here.  Please note that the submissions are anonymous, and will continue to be so until after the voting is complete. If you decide to sign up to the Delta Green mailing list in order to vote – since I have a submission, I will not be voting – please respect all the rules.

Moe Lane

PS: All questions that attempt to determine my entry will be met with the same response: “No comment.”

The 2016 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario!

Heck yeah I’m doing it this year:

It’s time for the annual Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest!

As usual, the aim of this year’s contest is to write short scenarios. In keeping with the Man in Black’s original definition, mere scenario seeds are perfectly welcome, including evocative artifacts, species, themes and cults. Everyone is invited to participate and advertise.

Worth it for the bragging rights, although a gift certificate to DriveThruRPG is always welcome.  Effective 1,500 word limit; contest ends 12/10/2016.  I encourage folks here who know Delta Green to come up with something for it: the more the blasphemously gleeful gibbering their daemonical laughter at the ghost-haunted moon, is what I always say.