Reminder: ‘The Citadel at Norðvorn’ Kickstarter is live.

Douglas Cole’s The Citadel at Norðvorn RPG supplement Kickstarter should fund with no trouble — it’s at 83% funded with 19 days to go — but just in case you missed it the first time.

Licensed third-party content for Steve Jackson Games’ Dungeon Fantasy, same world as Doug’s last Kickstarter. I’m currently debating whether or not to up my pledge. Dinero ain’t exactly tight but I got BFGCon coming up in a couple of weeks and that might get expensive.

Ooh. Gonna be an Ogre expansion from SJG coming out this year.

Ogre Designer’s Edition, of course, being that huge-as-heck wargame that I totally geeked out about when it got Kickstartered… a few years back? Sheesh, time flies, huh? Anyway: Steve Jackson Games will be putting out an expansion later this year, with a hard cap of $65 on the retail price. New maps, more buildings, possibly the Ninja ‘stealth’ Ogre.  And yes, the concept of a ‘stealth’ tank that’s bigger than my house raises eyebrows in-game, too.

More about it all here.

Some interesting stuff here from SJG about the OGRE sponsor sheets.

Basically, one of the Kickstarter sponsorship levels was the right to make and sell your own specialized sheets of Ogres (often with scenarios added).  You would think that these would all be processed by the sponsors right away, because that level of sponsorship was not cheap.  But not quite 100%

…an update on the status of the various sponsored counter sheets created by third parties in support of the new Ogre edition. The biggest lesson we learned from those was: it’s risky. Some of the counter-sheet sponsors performed their obligations flawlessly. Some had problems but are working through them. Some seem to have fallen off the map.

The problem, with 20-20 hindsight, is that it’s possible to have enough money and enthusiasm to sponsor a counter sheet, and even take orders, and still not have the ability to follow through.

Something to keep in mind, if you were planning a crowdsourced project in the near future.

Soooo… before I step into the SJG forum’s OGRE threads…

…real quick, for people more experienced in minis: what should NOT be discussed?  What are the agree-to-disagree-or-fear-our-wrath topics?B  ecause you know that guy, who starts a three-day flamewar via an innocent question? Yeah, I don’t want to be that guy.


What?  It’s different when it’s not politics.  I’m not a monster.

Moe Lane

Minus 4 hours and counting on the OGRE Kickstarter.

At this point, it’s ‘merely’ just an opportunity to score a good deal on all the multiple stretch goals that people have racked up already.  They’re not going to announce any more, so if you were holding out for the best result, there it is.  Anyway, thanks largely to my readership – which is a magnificently excellent readership* – and the various unlocking of funds I was able to score the Fourteen Pounds of Ogre, the Swag package, and the  T-Shirt saying “I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars.”

I just now need to figure out where to put it.  The ‘permanent place on the dining room table’ that was suggested in comments?  Yeah.  That did not exactly fly.

Moe Lane Continue reading Minus 4 hours and counting on the OGRE Kickstarter.

So… 9K left to getting a Car Wars Kickstarter.

They’re looking pretty close, and… look, I want Car Wars back, OK?  I am even now waiting to see if various funds unlock in enough time to push me up from the $100 (game) to the $150 (game and extra goodies) rate before the clock stops ticking, or I’d be kicking in more right now.  Since I can’t… hey, they have t-shirts!

Also, here’s an analysis of the entire SJG Kickstarter strategy.  There’s some interesting stuff in there that’s kind of relevant  beyond the immediate situation.

Walp. Stuff JUST GOT REAL on the OGRE Kickstarter.

This is how it goes, people: they get to $700K on the OGRE Kickstarter, then SJG will start a Car Wars Kickstarter.

This I want, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been buying Car Wars since it came in little plastic boxes.
  2. If they Kickstart Car Wars, maybe they’ll Kickstart… In Nomine.  Which was and is my single favorite roleplaying game setting of all time.  More than Castle Falkenstein, more than Unknown Armies, more than Feng Shui, more than Paranoia, and yes, more even than Delta Green. And it may take a Kickstarter to get a Second Edition.

So… well, three days to go on that, huh? I’m already in at the $100 level (not quite able to hit $150, but that’s just swank at this point), myself.