The Skin Horse Volume 6 Kickstarter.

I enjoyed the choice of music for this particular Kickstarter video. For those who don’t know Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells’ Skin Horse, it’s about… one of the more interesting federal agencies in the American shadow government.  Put it this way: I liked this particular strip so much I bought the original art for my wife’s wall. And this one for my wall. So check it out.

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:GULP: Um. Yes. Buy Skin Horse and/or Narbonic books.

Shaenon Garrity demands it.


Seriously, folks.  You don’t want to mess with Shaenon under these circumstances, right now.  I went and got the complete Narbonic run for my wife, just to be on the safe side. You learn to detect the subtle warning signs… Continue reading :GULP: Um. Yes. Buy Skin Horse and/or Narbonic books.

An interesting new board game from @shaenongarrity that @SJGames should look at,

It’s called “Basement Dwellers,” it’s based on her Skin Horse webcomic* and if I had the time** I’d give it a whirl.  More to the point: on first glance, maybe so should a gaming company.

Moe Lane

*Now in… oh, don’t let me spoil the surprise.

**I could probably find the players.

New to the Lane Collection: a canine Canadian-American bureaucrat, singing G&S.

This is me experimenting with Tweeting photos and whatnot and seeing how they show up elsewhere:

…but it’s also a very nice bit of original art from Skin Horse which I absolutely decided needed to be up on my wall because The Policeman’s Song is the best Gilbert & Sullivan ever.

Ever ever EVER.

QotD, Yes, You Really Should Be Reading The Skin Horse Webcomic Already* edition.

Shaenon Garrity, talking about her contributions to her artists’ collective’s recent anthology (called SPIRITS) that I just bought and you should, too:

In addition to the Narbonic[**] story, I also did a feature where I illustrated selections from my personal wine log.  It’s super classy, or would be if my wine log wasn’t written in Sharpie while I was drunk.  You can order SPIRITS now at the Couscous Store.

I find this entertaining because it never would have occurred to me that wine logs would be written when sober.  I mean, doesn’t that mean that you’re doing it wrong?

Moe Lane

*Because it is well worth it.  How can you not appreciate something like this or this?  Or especially this.

**Narbonic: a now-completed webcomic. Theme: Mad Science meets True Love. Mutations ensue.

I did *not* want to see this.

Avoiding Champions Online is hard enough: being told that you can make your own steampunk metal man as a character just makes it excruciating.

Moe Lane

PS: Because I enjoy being married and having a family, that’s why.

PPS: Skin Horse is a fun webcomic.  And it’s a Velveteen Rabbit reference, so get your mind out of the gutter.