So I have a can of diced tomatoes and mild chilies.

It’s going to get incorporated with this slow-roasted, shredded pork somehow, but I don’t know exactly in what fashion.  I don’t know if I want to just dump it in and let it heat up for the next hour or so, though.  Suggestions?

Moe Lane

PS: This pork’s ultimate destiny is to be put into soft taco shells and eaten in a vaguely Mexican fashion.  So there’s that.

[UPDATE: My wife has arrived, and has gently but inexorably scuppered my plans to dump in a can of black beans and the aforementioned tomatoes/chilies. To be fair, this is because apparently the pork tastes fine on its own. But there’s a lot of it, so we’re deferring this cookery problem for tomorrow, not abandoning it.]

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