Smog (Quantum 6) [GURPS 4e]

Blame Secret World Legends, honestly.  Game dropped this week.

Smog (Quantum 6) – Google Docs

Smog (Quantum 6)


This hell world is the perfect place to put prisoners who you don’t want escaping, don’t want plotting, and don’t want aging, either.  There’s something about the timeline’s atmosphere that puts most hominid species into suspended animation: whatever it is, the stuff doesn’t seem to cause any lasting harm.  Both Homeline and Centrum thus both use Smog as a convenient dumping ground for particularly troublemaking individuals who need to be put on ice for a little while.  Yes, ‘both.’  Infinity has a facility on the Northern Hemisphere, Interworld runs one on the Southern, and nobody says anything official.


Well, nobody said anything up until last month.  That’s when they found what might be a third holding facility.  And nobody knows who put it there.

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#rsrh Hey, #p2! Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…

Q.  What do you call the White House abjectly caving on its plan to placate Green religious fanatics by inflicting restrictive, job-killing air pollution rules on the American economy?



What?   Not punchy enough?

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