Quote of the Day, Nancy Pelosi Had To Go Back To John Boehner’s Tobacco-Imbued Office edition.

I am sometimes a petty person. I admit this. For example, this made me laugh:

When Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, lost her speaker’s gavel in the 2010 Republican rout of the House, she was forced to reinhabit Mr. Boehner’s prior office as he moved into her spot.

The House superintendent replaced carpets, peeled the paint off the walls and repainted them, and replaced the curtains, all in the name of smoke odor eradication. This was not at Ms. Pelosi’s request. “We are all paying the price for Speaker Boehner’s smoking,” said Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Ms. Pelosi.



If you want to help Malia, Barack Obama: stop blaming global warming, and quit smoking.

It’s like a metaphor for this administration: President Barack Obama is blaming a problem on outside forces, when in reality it’s probably due to his own bad choices. In this particular case, the problem is his kid’s asthma, the outside force is global warming, and his own bad choice is not quitting smoking. USA Today, of all places, unpacks this for us:

Whether there is a link between asthma and global warming, Malia herself hasn’t really experienced much. The high school junior was born in 1998, when temperatures spiked. By some measurements, the world hasn’t warmed significantly since then.

Which brings us back to her father and his Marlboros. The president, who quit smoking years ago, has long kept his tobacco use out of doors. That’s a common-sense tactic for folks who have trouble quitting. But sometimes, science can show that common sense has less sense than you think.



I dunno about this “Quitting smoking is ULTIMATE WILLPOWER” thing.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand the concept.  But still… I mean, I quit smoking, and I’m as lazy as [expletive deleted].


#rsrh For the love of God, Barry: have a smoke.

The week you’ve had, I’d have to have a heart of granite to tell you not to light up.  I was a smoker for twenty years, more or less; I’ve been clean for about six years, and I still miss the darn things*.

So bum a cigarette off of John Boenher and ignore your wife’s dirty looks.  The last thing that we need right now is you being twitchy on top of everything else.

Moe Lane

*I suspect that most of the virulent anti-smoking types do, too; fulminating against the Demon Tobacco is thus just their coping mechanism.  At a guess.


Define ‘sensible drinking.’

…OK, they do (1-2 ‘small’ glasses of wine/day), and it’s unfortunately… sensible.  At least, when you’re my age.

Sensible drinking can substantially reduce your risk of a stroke, but only if you don’t enjoy a cigarette at the same time, research suggests.

A study of over 20,000 people in the UK found non-smokers who drank moderate amounts were nearly 40% less likely to have a stroke than non-drinkers.

But once cigarettes were added, this protective effect vanished.

It’s always somethi…

Wait.  I quit smoking years ago.  So it’s all cool.  As soon as I can determine whether insensible drinking counts.  Or at least drinking until insensible.  Which, knowing my tolerance these days, takes us right back to what are called ‘sensible’ levels…

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