The obligatory Larry David / Donald Trump / SNL post.

I… do not think that this worked out the way that the Democratic client ‘advocacy’ group wanted it to work out.

While the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” creator probably doesn’t need the cash, he’s about to collect $5,000 courtesy of an immigrant rights group for heckling Donald Trump this weekend on “SNL.”

“Trump’s a racist!” David shouted at the end of the GOP presidential candidate’s monologue. When asked by Trump why he was shouting, David answered, “I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5,000.”

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Man, it’s like SNL remembered that you can make fun of a Democrat.

Or maybe they’re looking at their bottom lines. Having a Republican President in office is better for a lot of comedians’ pocketbooks and wallets. They can actually, you know, make jokes without their own side’s killjoys screaming at them “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!!!” Anyway, here you go: actual attempts at political humor.


Via Hot Air Headlines.

Tweet of the Day, So, Yeah, #Obamacare Is Now Officially In Trouble edition.

That is.. yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, live from New York: it’s Saturday night!


And Maggie was, in point of fact, dead right about the Euro.

This is shockingly good, considering that it came from Saturday Night Live:

Forget who linked to it first on Twitter. Probably Sonny himself: I follow him, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: Notice how fewer British rock stars are taking the time now to complain about Maggie than you’d expect? – Yeah, well, a lot of those guys can tell the difference between 83% (or 98%), and 40%.