The final, mostly unlamented, death of Bloomberg’s stupid soda ban.


The Bloomberg big-soda ban is officially dead.

The state’s highest court on Thursday refused to reinstate New York City’s controversial limits on sales of jumbo sugary drinks, exhausting the city’s final appeal and dashing the hopes of health advocates who have urged state and local governments to curb the consumption of drinks and foods linked to obesity.

Sorry if that sounds full of a certain weary contempt for Mike Bloomberg and his endless quest to tell people what to do.  Then again, that’s exactly how I feel, so perhaps that’s the reaction I wanted to publicly show anyway.  All I know is, this shouldn’t have had to end up being handled in court.  We would have gotten faster results if enough people had committed to dumping their Big Gulps over Mike Bloomberg’s head every time Bloomberg appeared in public.

Via Instapundit.

Judge throws NYC soda ban out, alas…

…I say ‘alas’ because I wanted the judge to present his judgement by taking out a extra large Coke, drinking the whole thing down in one shot while staring at Nanny Bloomberg – and then burp ferociously in the mayor’s face.


OK, that wasn’t going to happen. It probably shouldn’t have happened. It’s highly immature of me to want it to happen.



Moe Lane

PS: If you are advising a GOP candidate or politician, make damned sure that he or she gets on camera taking a swig from a Big Gulp, makes a toast in the general direction of NYC, and cheerfully declaims “Stay thirsty, my friends.” STAT.