#rsrh OK, now this is just being *mean* to @Soledad_OBrien .!/SOEarpiece/

Note that I am not suggesting that the author of this stop, or anything.

Moe Lane

PS: Background here.  Personally, I still blame Stockholm Syndrome for Soledad O’Brien’s rather incoherent defense of Derrick Bell…


Soledad O’Brien critic of Joel Pollak’s criticism of Derrick Bell’s Critical Race Theory.

Also: this is Wikipedia’s problem, in a nutshell.

Background: Soledad O’Brien managed to look like an utter idiot on CNN on Thursday when’s Joel Pollak casually eviscerated her over the concept of critical race theory (CRT).


OK, deeper background: CRT is more or less identity politics run through an academic gobbledygook filter; some of its adherents have made some somewhat… incautious comments about white supremacy and the sham nature of the American civil rights movement.  This all matters because’s got footage of Barack Obama as a college student introducing Derrick Bell (H/T: Ann Althouse) – a man who once argued that American whites would happily sell American blacks to space aliens if offered enough in exchange*.  Admittedly, we all do stupid things in college – and if the media had brought up Obama’s collegiate antics in 2008 (or 2004) it’s fair to say that it only might have caused, to use a term from my kids’ favorite show, ‘confusion and delay’ for the Obama campaign.  Neither of those should have been a consideration for the media when it came to doing their jobs – but, hey, we all know that these people think that ‘doing their jobs’ means ‘keeping conservatives out of office.’ (more…)

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