Is a @Bioware BOOM coming down today? (Link to Playstation Meeting site)

Maybe: “BioWare could be revealing something during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting today, if a series of Twitter teases from developers at the studio are any indication.”  People are going “OOOH, Mass Effect Andromeda!” Or “OOOH, new Bioware IP! (Which would probably-maybe-possibly be a new Dragon Age)!” Or “Hey, BioWare just figured out how to get people to watch the Sony PlayStation Meeting at noon!” …Which you will be able to watch here [UPDATE: show starts at 3 PM Eastern time],  because I like traffic as much as the next fellow.

Personally, I’d rather have new Mass Effect news.  I liked Dragon Age: Inquisition, but the game engine felt… sluggish.  Aggravatingly, sometimes.  I’d rather they fixed whatever was wrong there first.

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