Disney+ raiding old Marvel cartoon libraries?

Yes! Well, at least in the Netherlands:

Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney Plus may be the new home of some classic Marvel animated television shows. A free trial version of the service in the Netherlands revealed a host of animated shows on the service. Disney has not yet confirmed if these titles are Netherlands exclusive, or if the titles will be available in other countries.

The titles showcased include X-Men ’92 Spider-Man ’94, Spider-Woman ’79, Spider-Man ’81, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Iron Man ’94, Fantastic Four ’94, Incredible HulkSilver Surfer, and Spider-Man Unlimited.

Although the only reason why I can imagine that they wouldn’t would be for rights reasons. Seems like a no-brainer; not to mention, an instant nostalgia bomb. I can’t wait to see how much Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the beloved show of my youth, actually sucked! I’m more worried that Incredible Hulk will, though. Nostalgia is a two-bladed weapon.

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