The mildly depressing Steve Jackson Games 2016 Stakeholders’ Report.

Mildly depressing if you’re a fan of SJG’s roleplaying game lines, at least: essentially, you can pretty much forget about getting anything new in print for GURPS this year. Dungeon Fantasy and Ogre Kickstarter commitments have pretty much hijacked their schedule, which is kind of ironic, no?  And if GURPS is going to be sidelined, you can bet that we’re not going to get even a sniff of an In Nomine 20th Anniversary edition, either. Which saddens me even more than the GURPS news does.

Normally, I’d be hoping for some form of GURPS be made available as Open Access, on the grounds that if they’re only going to be doing PDF publishing of GURPS stuff anyway then they might as well encourage people to sell sourcebooks and thus generate more of a market for buying the main rules books.  But I know that Steve Jackson keeps a pretty close lock on that IP. Which is absolutely his privilege, of course. But still.

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