Are you ready for a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek?

Me neither.

Director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp FictionThe Hateful Eight) has an idea for a new Star Trek movie and J.J. Abrams (Star Trek BeyondStar Wars: The Force Awakens) is putting together a writers room for the project, according to Deadline. Sources say that Tarantino told his idea to Abrams, and writers will be gathered to work on the idea. If it comes to fruition, Tarantino could direct with Abrams producing at Paramount. There is currently no confirmation on the Star Trek movie idea from Paramount or from Tarantino.



Michelle Yeoh in the new Star Trek [Insert Gerund Animal, Adjective Beast pun here].

Coming Soon is shamelessly speculating that Michelle Yeoh will be the lead, but I think that’s just the plaintive yearning for a Star Trek series that would regularly have epic sword battles in free fall and telepathic Vulcan monks harnessing the power of their Space Chi talking.  And let that yearning talk.  I’d watch a show like that, after all.  But it’s probably far too awesome a concept for network television.  Anyway, all we know is that Michelle Yeoh will be in the show.  It might just be for a guest appearance.

Still.  Imagine the fight scenes.  Heck: imagine the monologues.


The link to a hysterical Star Trek “What The HELL, Humans?” piece.

And I’m not underselling here, I think. This very well may be the funniest thing that you read all day.  I certainly thought that it was.



cha wo’rIv toHgaHnaH lo pIre’toq! (NOT ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in Klingon…)

…but I don’t care, it’s funny anyway.  Happy birthday, Star Trek. We haven’t always gotten along perfectly, but I can’t imagine life without you guys.

Yes, even you, Next Gen.


So, poll: the new Star Trek. Suck, or not-suck?

I just read a bunch of articles that set off warning bells in my head. Not so much the political stuff – Trek is one of those IPs that gets a lot of mutually-exclusive, broad-spectrum fan love – but because there may be cussin’ and maybe a bare rear or two*. Which is, when you think about it, a rather unusual thing to have happen in that particular series.

This is the point where I would write Not that I’m a prude or anything – but, Hell: maybe I am a prude, when it comes to Star Trek. Which would be kind of funny, really.

Moe Lane

*It all has to do with streaming services, apparently.


Watch me commit heresy over Paramount’s new Star Trek fan film rules.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about them.  To sum them up: there’s a half hour limit on productions, the work has to be studiously non-commercial and amateur (for example: no more cameos from people who were in a previous Star Trek production), stick disclaimers anywhere and keep it clean*.  And, oh, yeah: if you buy Star Trek uniforms or gear for your movie, use the official stuff. (more…)


Maybe – MAYBE – JJ Abrams and Justin Lin can get Paramount to back down on Axanar.

Short version? Well, the Star Trek: Axanar fan film folks got hit by a copyright infringement suit by Paramount – and, I will be honest, here: speaking as a backer of the project I wasn’t happy to find out that they didn’t get permission from Paramount first, because you need to get permission for this sort of thing for precisely this reason – and JJ Abrams is now saying that he’s gotten Paramount to maybe back down. Abrams is of course the executive producers, and he’s apparently joined in this with Justin Lin, who directed the latest Star Trek flick (Star Trek: Beyond). If you’re a cynic, you may be of the opinion that Paramount is not so much seeing the light as they are the bottom line. Paramount would rather like Beyond to make lots of money, please.

Still: it would be nice if we can get this Axanar mess resolved. The concept (Garth of Izar and a Klingon-Federation war!) is awesome and we were unlikely to get it otherwise. Plus, it never hurts to remind people that it’s getting easier and easier to make movies.

Via… everybody, really. But I’ll give @emccoy_writer the credit because I saw her Tweet first.


The “Star Trek” series teaser trailer.

…which tells us NOTHING.

Unless the scratches are significant in some way. And perhaps they are.  …God, this is like Kremlinology all over again.

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