…yes, it’s a documentary of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Don’t know when it’s coming out, though.

They’re promising that A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE isn’t just gonna whale on the show itself; the idea is to tell about how the entire thing got started and made. Which will probably whale upon the show itself, but that’s all right. I’ve never actually seen it, myself; I probably will, once George Lucas is dead. Whether or not I’m doing that out of forbearance, or anticipatory spite towards his shade, is left for the reader to decide.

‘Star Wars, but it’s Mission Impossible.’

(Via GeekTyrant) Took me a second to realize why no James Earl Jones.

The conceit here is that these are all the good guys — including Peter Cushing, who is clearly going to do a face-heel turn in the show and that’s the twist. Jones is playing an obvious villain, and they don’t get cast billing (or whatever the term is) in a show like Mission: Impossible, since it’s an ensemble show with a bad guy of the week. This is really a pretty clever conceit.

Quote of the Day, …Alas edition.

George Lucas, on how he nearly sold the Star Wars franchise instead of going into debt to make The Empire Strikes Back:

“At first I was contemplating selling the whole thing to Fox… I’d just take my percentage and go home and never think about Star Wars again.”

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Temuera Morrison to be Boba Fett in THE MANDALORIAN.

Hopefully, they won’t screw this role up for him.

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May the Fourth Be With You.

I think that the entertainment industry may be pushing this particular ‘holiday’ a bit, but what the heck. The pun made me laugh, the first time I heard it. Also, Disney is dropping the last episode of Clone Wars today, which will make my wife happy. I was idly wondering this morning what that show would have looked like if they hadn’t made the prequels: I suspect that it would have been better for everybody all around.