Tweet of the Day, It’s A… Surprisingly Interesting Question edition.

One sort of addressed in Disney Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars, which is inexplicably and inexcusably NOT canon, somehow. Yes, I grant that there are broad comic elements that might be difficult to reconcile with the more epic tone aimed for in the Star Wars universe. Counterpoint: midichlorians, the inability of stormtroopers to shoot, the unlikely career arc of Jar-Jar Binks, and goram death sticks and robot waitresses. So, sure, let’s keep all of that in the official universe, but God forbid that there’d be room for a Dark Side-infused sub sandwich…

…But I digress.

My knee-jerk reaction to a EA/Bioware-less KOTOR 3.


But that’s the rumor: there’s gonna be a KOTOR 3, and it’s not gonna have either the Empire or the First Order making it (or Morgoth/Sauron, if you’d prefer that metaphor instead). But is it true? …Maybe. There’d be money in it, at least. The Mouse likes money.

Star Wars and LotR news.

Some interesting stuff. First off, there was a suspiciously-comprehensive leak to which confirms that Amazon’s LotR series is set in the Second Age, which means Rings of Power, maybe the Fall of Numenor, all that good stuff. The good news here is the map that came along with the leak, which looks like it was checked by somebody who knows when Mordor was founded (it is not named on the map). That’s a little thing, but they got it right, so I’m just the tiniest bit more hopeful now.

Speaking of hopeful: an open-world Star Wars is coming, and it’ll be by Ubisoft and not the GA… excuse me, I mistyped that. Clearly I meant ‘EA.’ Ubisoft has its own issues, but I can’t quite believe that the company would blow up inhabited planets… no, wait, I’m mixing up EA/GA again. Sorry about that!

Tweet of the Day, The Mouse Maintains Impressive Informational Security edition.

Nobody heard about this – or any of the other stuff that happened in the finale of THE MANDALORIAN – until Disney was good and ready. Also: since Disney has mentioned it officially and everything, I am ABSOLUTELY there to watch a smirking Ming-Na Wen shoot people even worse than her on Temuera Morrison’s behalf. I didn’t even know I wanted that! Thanks, Jon, Dave, and Robert. Happy holidays to you, too.


…yes, it’s a documentary of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Don’t know when it’s coming out, though.

They’re promising that A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE isn’t just gonna whale on the show itself; the idea is to tell about how the entire thing got started and made. Which will probably whale upon the show itself, but that’s all right. I’ve never actually seen it, myself; I probably will, once George Lucas is dead. Whether or not I’m doing that out of forbearance, or anticipatory spite towards his shade, is left for the reader to decide.

‘Star Wars, but it’s Mission Impossible.’

(Via GeekTyrant) Took me a second to realize why no James Earl Jones.

The conceit here is that these are all the good guys — including Peter Cushing, who is clearly going to do a face-heel turn in the show and that’s the twist. Jones is playing an obvious villain, and they don’t get cast billing (or whatever the term is) in a show like Mission: Impossible, since it’s an ensemble show with a bad guy of the week. This is really a pretty clever conceit.