Fast food fanatic binges at chain for one full year.

I’m not exactly sure why

A Starbucks super fan ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the coffee chain every day for a whole year as part of a challenge.

Mother-of-two Beautiful Existence splashed out close to $700 (£423) a month dining at the chain every day of 2013.

PhD student Beautiful Existence, of Seattle, Washington, set herself the 365-day challenge at the turn of the year and has documented her daily intake online, which shows her gorging on a variety of treats.

…given that she herself apparently is getting tired of the menu. Just something to do, I gather. (more…)


“Starbucks Verismo.”

Via email, a reminder of why I don’t drink Starbucks coffee:

Although it’s a little more complicated than that. Essentially, I largely don’t care about the precise makeup/flavor of my coffee: I want it light, sweet, and hot. I can get that anywhere, and usually cheaper than at Starbucks. If I do want an ornate cup of coffee, however, I get the impression that going to a Starbucks to get one when you’re not a regular there is contraindicated.

So there’s not really any real call for me to darken their doors. Unless my wife wants a latte. Then, of course, I get something simple, and wait in good grace until we’re done.


#rsrh Obamacare losing Starbucks?

Oops.  In its way, it’s very much a baby step, but it’s beginning to dawn on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that 2014 is getting closer and closer – and with it comes a regulatory regime that includes health care mandates that are going to put “too great” a pressure on small businesses.  This might even be a principled position of Schultz: I assumed at first that he’s worried about how Starbucks franchises would get hammered by increased health care costs, but it turns out that Starbucks doesn’t actually have franchises*.  Which means that Schultz could solve the whole problem personally by having Starbucks apply for a waiver.

I mean, why not?  Everybody else is.

(via @amandacarpenter)

Moe Lane

PS: I still don’t like their coffee, but that’s probably not their fault.

*They admittedly have a franchise system for Seattle’s Best Coffee, but Starbucks is the primary earner here.


Starbucks Trenta violates Evil Overlord Rule #22.

For those poor, poor unfortunates who are not aware of the glory that is “The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord” list, it’s just the best darn set of practical advice for would be world despots that you’ll ever see.  #22 is:

No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

Of course, Allahpundit was joking: it’s just bigger than the average stomach, or bladder.  Anyway, I got told by my wife that there are Starbucks customers who apparently freaking out over the size of these things; which makes perfect sense to me, actually.  As I told her, the average Starbucks devotee probably doesn’t like to be reminded that he or she is a fanatical slave to a fast food restaurant*: having the coffee equivalent of a Big Gulp wrecks that narrative.

Moe Lane (more…)


You know, I don’t even *like* Starbucks…

…what?  Sorry: their coffee tastes burnt to me, sorry*.  I’m a philistine Dunkin Donuts coffee-drinker, and I don’t care who knows it.

Nonetheless, Haibane has the right of it: this guy is an ass.  I mean, really: what was the point of actually hurting somebody else in order to test a marketing ploy?

Moe Lane

*Good peppermint hot chocolate in the winter, or whatever it is that that is.

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