So, I figure either Cyber Runner or Diplomat in STARFIELD.

Look, we all know I’m buying Bethesda’s STARFIELD. And judging from the character class information that we can see in this article, I can already tell you my starting build: Cyber Runner’s got pistols, lockpicking, and diplomacy. That’s all I need, plus stealth. But I want to see Diplomat first. Maybe Professor, if that’s where the magic… ah, ‘Ancient Science’ or whatever they’re calling… is. I also like the spacesuit, but we all know that it’s the first thing that’s gonna get modded to infinity and beyond, so why waste time dwelling on it?

All in all: thank God this got delayed until 2023. I got a book to write in November.

Obsessive-Compulsive and/or Dedicated Fans Hack STARFIELD’s Map.

What’s the difference? Nomenclature! “It’s going to be a fair bit longer before we finally get to explore¬†Starfield’s galaxy. Unless, of course, you’re dedicated enough to reverse engineer Bethesda’s star-map based on six fleeting seconds of trailer footage, compile it into a 3D executable, and release it into the wild for curious fans.”

Details at the link. For myself, I look upon being able to do this in the same way that I look upon mod development: as a wonderful and handy life skill, for other people. I just want the end result. Not that we’re getting STARFIELD until next year anyway, by which point I will have forgotten about this…

E3 coming up next week.

So far, I’ve heard baseless rumors about Cyberpunk 2077 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. And, of course, the not-baseless rumor about the new Assassin’s Creed title. And as for Bethesda, well: have a really messed-up rumor, fresh and hot:

“[Starfield] is going to be a sci-fi open world RPG in typical Bethesda first person fashion. It’s going to feature 5-10 races there’s still some debate on what should and shouldn’t go in and takes place in the Fallout universe just so far in the future and far away from Earth that it’ll only be mentioned in hints. This is part of an ongoing planned interconnected universe of every Bethesda franchise. They gave hints of this by implying the Brotherhood of Steel created Nirnroot in Fallout 4. They’re getting a little wacky with the lore and using “Elder Scrolls time wounds” to justify lore inconsistencies.

“Basically, Fallout is the beginning of the timeline, Starfield is the middle, and Elder Scrolls is Far Future.

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