NYT: “Stay-at-home-dads in the Mist.”

Via Hot Air Headlines comes this reaction to this NYT article on Wall Street women and their stay-at-home husbands. Let me make something clear: while it is not exactly sunshine and unicorns,  I am not a victim for staying home with the kids. For that matter, neither would my wife be if she did. What happened was basically this (from the Time piece):

In one instance, the husband put the brakes on his architecture career when his banker wife started to make twice his earnings. At that point, “the solution seemed obvious.”

Indeed. Being able to live on one income* has a lot of advantages, assuming that you can live on that income. And it’s more flexible than you think: I know one family that has a stay-at-home mom with three kids and half my family’s income. The trick is to not rack up stupid amounts of either credit card or student loan debt. Continue reading NYT: “Stay-at-home-dads in the Mist.”