Apple’s Tim Cook’s tiresome Greenie hypocrisy.

(Via Instapundit) Two things about this story:

At a shareholders meeting on Friday, CEO Tim Cook angrily defended Apple’s environmentally-friendly practices against a request from the conservative National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) to drop those practices if they ever became unprofitable.

NCPPR put forward a shareholder’s proposal asking Apple to disclose how much it spends on sustainability programs. If those costs detracted from Apple’s bottom line, the NCPPR demanded that Apple discontinue the programs and commit only to projects that are explicitly profitable. Cook apparently became angry at the group’s request.

…reportedly, Cook said “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.”  We’ll get to that in a second, but first off: (more…)


iPad question: anybody using iLIVEx?

It was being touted as a way to get Firefox and Flash on the iPad: but before I blow fifteen bucks on it, I wonder if the state of the art – or, more accurately, the state of working around Steve Jobs’ prejudices – has improved since 2010.


#rsrh The Phelps clan: as dead to ‘irony’…

…as they are to ‘love:’

I got this via email, but I will happily credit whoever noticed this originally.

Moe Lane

PS: Damn, but the Phelps clan do tempt me to advocate very unchristian behaviors, sometimes.


RIP, Steve Jobs.

He was 56 years old.

Steve Jobs made magic toys – and I say that meaning nothing but respect; there are a lot of worse life paths to take. Because of him I have enchanted items that play songs and show videos and let me communicate with others: there are other toymakers out there, but none who were quite like him. And he will be missed by people the way that Jim Henson was and is missed; Steve Jobs was a creator, and we don’t have enough of those.

My sympathies and prayers to his loved ones.

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Steve Jobs retiring. Or switching career tracks. Or something.

No, I’m not jumping up and down in joy: it’s probably medical in nature.  Besides, he’s now chairman (Tim Cook is CEO), so it could also just be a reorganization.

But I still want Flash on the iPad2*, and the ability to use a variety of cameras in iMovie for the iPad2.  Frankly, the iPhone is virtually useless for guerrilla video.  And, while I’m on the subject of iPads: may I point out that the question “Can I get an USB hub for this thing?” should not result in a blank look and a scratching of the head?  – Well, I’m going to point it out anyway.

Moe Lane (more…)

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