I need to establish something…

…about my opinion that games turned into movies usually suck.  The below is, I think, the high-water point of the genre:

Not the movieThat one scene.  And they had to bring in Raul Julia – a great, versatile actor who was taken from us far, far, too soon – to get that.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I’m cheating by referencing a video game movie, rather than what is apparently not a board game movie after all.  You may have guessed from that that I am not taking this position of mine all that seriously.

Do you think that you hate [insert movie here]?

Trust me, you don’t hate [insert movie title here] the way that Luke McKinney hates Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. A taste (subject: the various portrayals of M. Bison):

Raul Julia acted like his whole movie was a pantomime and displayed so little knowledge of the game that he probably thought a joystick was something you rented from a Thai ladyboy. But at least he was obviously enjoying himself. Raising the total number of people enjoying the movie to “One,” or “One more than Legend of Chun-Li.

I really, really miss Raul Julia, by the way. Even when he was making movies like… this… he was fun to watch. Continue reading Do you think that you hate [insert movie here]?

Would you believe that this was Raul Julia’s last movie role?

Honest to God. The hell of it is, I don’t know that Raul Julia wouldn’t have changed things around if he had known that Street Fighter would have been the last time he’d be on the silver screen. Nobody chews scenery like he did in that film unless he’s having fun.