Meriam Ibraham meets Francis I in Rome.

Yes, she and her family have finally escaped Sudan.

A mother put on death row for refusing to reject Christianity met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday, just hours after she fled Sudan.

Meriam Ibrahim was flown out of the country with her American husband and two young children. She was blessed by the pontiff during a private audience and is expected to fly onto the United States in the next few days.


Original news via a Ted Cruz press release.

Moe Lane

Quote of the Day, Darn Right It Is, Rep. Smith edition.

Rep. Chris Smith (R, NJ), on the news that Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim has been released from jail (do I really need to recap that story? Really?):

“This is a huge first step,” said Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organization Subcommittee. “But the second step is that Ms. Ibrahim and her husband and their children be on a plane heading to the United States.”

Wife of an American citizen, parent of American citizens, literally facing death for her religious beliefs… yes. Get her and her family out of there, with all due speed.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane

Saving of Darfur tabled for the indefinite future.

There is no reason to be surprised at this, by the way. This administration doesn’t keep its campaign promises.

Obama Drops Plan to Isolate Sudan Leaders

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has formulated a new policy for Sudan that proposes working with that country’s government, rather than isolating it as President Obama had pledged to do during his campaign.

Succinct, that. (Via Ben Smith.) The Washington Post has more, with an emphasis on the ‘modulated’ tack being taken by this administration: Continue reading Saving of Darfur tabled for the indefinite future.