Suit of the Chelonian Avenger. [GURPS 4e]

Suit of the Chelonian Avenger [400 pt] – Google Docs


Suit of the Chelonian Avenger [400 pt]


This outfit is best described as being an instant superhero suit.  It consists of a blue-and-brown costume in the classic ‘shorts over stretchy bodysuit’ style, with tactical gloves, sturdy outdoor boots, and a stylized picture of a turtle on the chest.  And, yes: no cape.  The suit is otherwise all very stylish, and well-made.


But it’s the facemask that stands out: it’s clearly made from the shell of a snapping turtle, with holes for the eyes and mouth.  When put on, the msk gives the abilities and skills listed below.  Note that the Injury Tolerance represents the mask wearer’s uncanny ability to get shot, yet almost never have it hit anything really vital.


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