Adventure Seed: “Super Blue Blood Moon Attack!”

Every time I heard the phrase “super blue blood moon” (it’s a lunar eclipse thingy going on Wednesday morning), I kept adding “Attack” at the end of it. Eventually I just gave up and went with it.

Super Blue Blood Moon Attack – Google Docs

Super Blue Blood Moon Attack!

So much of modern occultism becomes remarkably less opaque once you realize that most of the modern (defined as “1980 to 2030 AD”) esoteric Words of Power originally manifested themselves in children’s animated television programs.  Oh, not the actual words themselves. You can’t achieve apotheosis by lifting a toy weapon in the air and invoking a catchphrase.  But those catchphrases are usually phonetic mnemonics for the actual Words of Power, or at least the rituals used to acquire those Words.  More information is encoded in the storylines, the backgrounds, the sound effects themselves: even technical glitches can have esoteric meaning.  And no, nobody knows why the Source of Magic picked such a bizarre method of spreading the Lore around. Sometimes things just happen.


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