Quote of the Day, Never Underestimate A Campaign’s Ability To Auto-Darwinate edition.

(H/T: @TheRickWilson) The subject: a theoretical discussion of how the government could look into the possible illegal coordination of a Super PAC with a candidate. The conclusion: well, it’d be difficult. Ostensibly:

Former FEC commissioner Scott Thomas, a Democrat, doubts the Justice Department would ever look at such a case because the FEC has been so precise in detailing what is allowed and what is not.

“You’d have to show a true smoking gun, showing the candidate controlling the campaign and the super PAC,” said Thomas, a lawyer now in private practice in Washington. He can’t see campaign operatives being that clumsy: “It would have to be a smoking gun left by someone who had the intelligence of an advanced fern.”

…So somebody’s definitely gonna go to jail this cycle, then?


Watch how the Associated Press transmutes DC Super-PAC money into a ‘local’ Democratic group!

Three easy steps:

  • First, create a Super-PAC for the 2014 election cycle. In this case, “Put Alaska First PAC.”
  • Second, infuse that Super-PAC with Beltway insider money: “Nearly all of [Put Alaska First PAC] funds have come from the national Democratic group, Senate Majority PAC, and most of that money has been paid to a Democratic media buying firm created to work with Senate Majority PAC and other national super PACs” (note that the link there is from noted right-wing mouthpiece The Huffington Post).
  • Third and last, count on the Associated Press to report your sock puppet as being a local group!


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