In Nomine Revisited: Superior Relics (Justice and Mercy).

This one actually is still on the Internet, at an old site of mine Рbut when I looked at it I realized that the layout needed fixing. Put the stats for the item next to the description, not at the end where people have to flip through the entire thing to look them up.  Sheesh, younger-me.  Sheesh.

Anyway, since it needed editing anyway


Superior Relics: Justice & Mercy

Justice & Mercy

Superior Relics: Judgment

These two relics are considered by many to be symbolic of the larger struggle within Judgment; whether this is actually True, or just propaganda, is up to the individual campaign. Both relics are exceptionally old; they, in fact, date back to the First Rebellion. They are also both exclusively associated with Dominic’s female persona Dominique. Justice and Mercy are otherwise very different. (more…)

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