Survival Chickens [GURPS 4e].

Survival Chickens – Google Docs

Survival Chickens

Attributes: ST 3, DX 14, IQ 4, HT 14, HP 10, Will 4, Per 10, FP 14
Basic Lift 1.8: Damage 1d-3/1d-2 (imp)
Speed 8: Basic Move: 9

Traits: Claws (Talons), Damage Resistance (2), Discriminatory Smell, Striking ST (4), Chummy, Teeth (Sharp Beak), Domestic Animal (Cannot Speak, Hidebound, Social Stigma (Valuable Property)), No Fine Manipulators

Skills: Brawling DX/E – DX+0 14, Running HT/A – HT+0 14, Tracking Per/A – Per+2 12

Description: Basically, this.

They’re called ‘Survival Chickens’ because ‘neo-dinosaurs’ didn’t focus test well among interplanetary markets at the time.  But that’s what Survival Chickens are; they’re poultry that’s been reverse-engineered back to their dinosaurian origins, while at the same time remaining domesticated animals.  This is very foolish to try at TL8, workable at TL9, and trivial at TL10.


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