Patreon Microfiction: Swarm.

I want to write the full story behind “Swarm,” but I don’t have a $300 million budget and the ability to pull in every actor and actress in the industry worth a tinker’s damn.  Which is, of course, a shame.  It’d be amazing.



GURPS Martial Art: Swarm (12/20 pt) [GURPS 4E]

Swarm – Google Docs

Swarm [12/20]


In any world where at least some individuals have access to life eternal, or even life endless (call them Immortals), there will inevitably be those who will use their advantages to try to take over the world.  And then, just as inevitably, there will be those who will learn how to effectively fight and neutralize those Immortals. This martial art comes from a secret society dedicated to effectively combatting opponents who cannot be killed, but who can be knocked down, over, and unconscious, as well as be immobilized, hurt, or even just beaten up.  Swarm is extremely intensive: practitioners are expected to train in their maneuvers to the maximum level possible, and fight equally well both alone, and in groups. It also teaches enough occult lore to give Swarm adepts the basics of general monster hunting.


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