Location Seed: The Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds.

The Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds

Description: One wall of eight front-loaded washers with circular glass lids, located in the back of an otherwise normal laundromat.  Above each washer is a continuous metal shelf with eight wicker baskets (one for each washer). A bleached plastic chair at one end is reserved for the use of the current Sybil.  The Sybil does not have to be present constantly, but she (traditionally referred to as ‘she,’ although more than one man has temporarily been one) always lives onsite, and never takes vacations.

The organization that keeps the Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds running at full capacity is not at the laundromat.  It will not let you visit the laundromat for your divination until you have and can show everything that you will need for your divination.  Do not try to waste the organization’s time: somebody else wants your time slot, and will be able to take it over on no more than five minutes’ notice.

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