Elizabeth Warren’s Occupiers to attack Tampa’s EMS during GOP convention?

“EMS” standing for “Emergency Medical Services,” of course.  Anyway, that’s the claim – and let us not pretend that the Occupy Movement has not been fully converted into a front for the blackshirt anarchists, shall we?  The following will be familiar to anyone who watched how the antiwar movement got hijacked by the exact same people:

So people have to remember, this isn’t a bunch of unorganized and disorganized kids. This is Lisa Fithian, she’s the one who led the unions and the anarchists to shut down Seattle at the ’99 World Trade Organization protest in Seattle. It’s not something to play around with because when this is all said and done the FBI informants will have stopped bomb plots just as they and I did last time. And when that happens conservatives need to rally around because the left media and the entire left establishment who claims they have nothing to do with these anarchists, they will defend them and dirty the name of anybody who exposes them just as they did to me and just as they did to Andrew. They will defend their darlings and attack the character of anyone who holds them accountable and calls them out. And that’s what’s going to happen this time. We need to stand up as a movement, recognize what the threats are, and we need to defend the people who are keeping us safe and hold accountable and demand accountability for the people who are trying to interfere with our rights to assemble.

The other thing that they’re trying to do is that they have a coms group—and this is breaking news you need to know this—they have a coms group that is trying to shut down the EMS communications structure for the city. That’s really happening. They’re trying to shut down the communications structure for the city for law enforcement and emergency medical personnel.



#rsrh Joe Biden To Open His Mouth in Tampa during GOP convention.

Five bucks says Joe Biden shows up at said convention, somehow gets up on the podium, and introduces Tim Scott (R, SC-01) as the President of the United States.  By accident.

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