Gonna be a bumper Autumn 2018 book crop for @BaenBooks.

We’re getting a short story collection (Target Rich Environment) from Larry Correia in September, a new Honor Harrington (Uncompromising Honor) from David Weber in October, and a new series in the Black Tides Rising universe (The Valley of the Shadow) from John Ringo and Mike Massa in November. Plus I could have sworn that a new Heirs of Alexandria book was coming down the pike, but maybe not. These three from Baen are going to be worth it, right there. It’s been years since we had an actual Honor Harrington Honor Harrington novel. Can’t wait!



#rsrh Hey, remember that ‘scandal-free Obama administration’ thing?

It was an argument made last week as part of the Democrats’ ongoing Well, It Could Be Worse initiative.  The goal?  To get out there the idea that, hey, sure, the Obama administration was maybe incompetent – but at least it was clean!  That counts for something, am I right?

Well, let’s review:


Yeah, karma has no sense of humor, huh?

Moe Lane

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