If you can’t live by your own rules, don’t expect *me* to follow them blindly.

To add to Jim Geraghty and Ed Morrissey regarding Obama’s increasing willingness to give all the resume-enhancing job positions to white guys: if Saul Alinsky was right nowhere else he was right when it comes to making your political opponents live up to their own rules.  Particularly since said opponents still expect us to do so, even when they apparently can’t.  Contrary to the current administration’s apparent hiring methodology assumptions, it is not particularly difficult to find perfectly well-qualified women and minority appointees to various political positions.  That the Democrats are not stepping up to this is simultaneously: a) their problem, not mine and b) extremely fun to rub in their faces.

Personally, I blame the lack of even marginal press oversight during this administration.  Which does the Left no favors, in the long run.