.reliarT tsenoH TENET ehT

I liked TENET more than Honest Trailers did. Which is to say, I liked TENET. But even I will admit that I’ll have to watch it a couple more times with subtitles on before I can figure out what the hell was going on in that film.

So why did I like it? Because it was trying to say something, and I react well to that sort of thing when it’s coupled with this level of SFX magic. Besides, I saw it in the theater. I miss theaters.

TENET is doing well, apparently.

Well… TENET is doing well for the situation. My part of the country continues to have no movie theaters operating, and I can’t drive down to NoVa to see a film. At least, not while the school year is going on, since I’m locked into place here over that, too.

If I seem… irritable, from time to time, it’s because this entire situation exasperates me. Not least because apparently I’m supposed to be on the ragged edge of madness, which is not happening, and won’t be happening any time soon. But it’s easier to be publicly on the edge of a dramatic, nervous breakdown than to be publicly getting tired of all of this [expletive deleted]…

TENET on indefinite delay.

Nope, not happy about this at all. Especially since TENET’s rollout promises to be highly weird:

The studio is said to be planning an unconventional theatrical rollout which won’t be a global day-and-date one. According to Deadline, that means, “Essentially, with theaters reopening in China, and Asian markets like South Korea vibrant, and other offshore territories in Europe and Japan coming back on line, there is a good probability that the Christopher Nolan movie will open abroad first. In regards to the U.S. where drive-ins are dominating the business, and just over 1K of the nation’s 5K theaters open, Tenet is poised to open wherever and whenever it can and it’s safe to do so, even if New York City and Los Angeles aren’t back on line.”

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Warner Bros, Disney planning on July theatrical releases.

Not unexpected. Well, at least I’m not surprised. Geektyrant:

Warner Bros. has made it clear that they are sticking to their guns with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and they still plan on releasing it in theaters in July. Disney is planning to release Mulan later that month as well. These will be the first big movies to be released since theaters shut down over the coronavirus, and the movies are both expected to have a low box office opening.

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