Tweet of the Day, O Happy Day edition.

This sounds like marvelous news. Admittedly, the miniseries that the BBC is doing of The Watch sounds like it might start riots when it comes out, but that deal was made a few years before this one and GOOD OMENS was awesome. More of the latter, please.

Discworld TV series coming to BBC.

It’s probably going to be based on the Vimes novels: “Terry Pratchett fans may want to stay close to a television screen over the next couple of years: his comedy fantasy book series Discworld has become his latest work to be snapped up for a small screen adaptation. BBC Studios is developing a six-part series based on the long-running epic novel series.” At least, the working title is “The Watch” and that’s absolutely a tell, there.  For those who don’t know — Continue reading Discworld TV series coming to BBC.

Lemme lay down a marker: we’re gonna see those unfinished Terry Pratchett novels eventually.

What’s that I hear?  The drives containing those novels got run over by a steamroller, then thrown into a stone crusher?  Yup!  Yup, they were.  At Sir Terry Pratchett’s own request, no less.  I understand.

I also understand this. Continue reading Lemme lay down a marker: we’re gonna see those unfinished Terry Pratchett novels eventually.


From TV Tropes:

  • Interestingly, the surgical team who treated Terry Pratchett for a minor procedure – which after patient questioning on his part, turned out to have become somewhat more complicated and turned into a more urgent Situation – told him afterwards that he’d sat up during the operation, demonstrating the anaesthesia wasn’t quite working, and had a one-sided conversation with an unseen Other in the operating theatre. Pratchett had apparently asked that if he had to go at this point, could a packed lunch be provided? Ham sandwiches with mustard would be appreciated. Apparently he was only offered plain ham with no condiments, and had expressed dissappointment. Terry was both perplexed and oddly reassure by this, and this account of his own NDE – which he didn’t remember at all save through the doctor’s recollection – ended up in a Discworld novel as a discourse between an elderly witch and Death. This is recollected in A Blink Of The Screen, a collection of his non-fiction writings. Hopefully Death remembered the mustard, when the time did arrive.