In the Mail: ‘The Annihilation Score.’

Part of Charlie Stross’s Laundry series, which is one of the few series that I will religiously buy in hardcover and sight unseen.  This one is supposed to be about the Mythos, government bureaucracy, and superheroes: should be a hoot. Especially since this series is apparently leaving the realm of Secret History for good. Or bad. Or squamous…

Book of the Week: “The Annihilation Score.”

This one I am anticipating: The Annihilation Score (A Laundry Files Novel) will not be out for another week and a half, and I don’t think that I’m going luck out with this one and find a copy at a Borders bookstore that had unaccountably been put out early (which is what happened to me with another book in this series).  Mostly because Borders doesn’t exist anymore, of course.  Anyway, this is going to be the latest book in Charlie Stross’s Lovecraft-meets-spy-novels-meets-computer-math series, and it’s been a pretty nifty series so far. Hopefully, Charlie can keep a handle on his increasing tendency to conspiracy crank before the Great Old Ones come to finish the series by eating everybody’s souls – which is a selling point for this series, actually. It’s Lovecraftian cosmic horror. You know everybody’s gonna die. The author promised. Continue reading Book of the Week: “The Annihilation Score.”